Student Body President Serengeti Timungwa led an ongoing conversation about further GSSC Constitution amendments, alongside Vice President of Campus Life Cole Wagner.

Student Body President Serengeti Timungwa (GS ‘22) began the meeting by welcoming GSSC council members. She then handed the floor to Vice President of Policy Nasser Obetallah (GS ’25) who urged students to nominate administrators for faculty awards.

Vice President of Campus Life Cole Wagner (GS ’22) then discuss updates, which included GS Gala tickets that he says are selling quickly. According to Wagner, 75 tickets were sold in three minutes during the first ticket drop and 60% of all tickets were sold. Currently, there is one more ticket drop scheduled so interested GS students must act quickly. Moreover, there will be another housing information session held on April 7 for students who have questions about living on campus.

Next, Former Legislative Assistant Kyle Gordon (GS ’23) was appointed to the Chief of Policy position during the meeting.

There was later a discussion regarding a budget approval for GSSC’s sponsorship of the Earth Day Eco Fair, in partnership with CCSC. The fair will take place on April 22 outside of the Columbia Law School. The full cost of the event is projected to be $11,243 from all parties involved. The request was for $10,000 to be allocated by GSSC to this event, but the true projected cost for GSSC is considered to be around $6,000. The additional $4,000 will be provided to account for any overlays. After discussion, this budget was approved.

There was also a presentation for the Senior Gala Subsidy Fund. Budgets were discussed for the Senior Gala and the Senior Cruise. The subsidy proposal for Senior Gala is a ticket price of $35 per ticket, of which there will be 150 tickets in total. The tickets for the Senior Cruise will also be $35. The subsidy proposal for this is $20 for 350 tickets. There was a motion to allocate $19,000 from the senior class line item to subsidize these events and also Senior Brunch. This motion was passed.

The council also discussed a survey about the P/D/F policy and financial aid being sent out by GSSC next week. There will be a raffle attached to the survey to incentivize students to participate. A proposed budget of $500 for the raffle was passed.

Next there was a presentation about the Mario Kart Tournament that GSSC will be hosting. In order to award prizes at this event, there was a proposed budget to $325. This budget was passed.

GSSC then moved to proposed amendments to the GSSC by-laws. There were 35 amendments proposed to the constitution during this council meeting. The majority of these amendments were around clarifying language and making roles clearer. These amendments are intended to make the constitution more accessible and accurate for students.

One amendment of note involved renaming the Elections Commission to the Elections Task Force. due to confusion prompted by other groups in the GSSC constitution having the initials “EC”. This motion to change the name was passed. Further, the one year term for the Election Task Force members was proposed to be eliminated. This amendment was passed.

Moreover, there was a section added that says that GSSC cannot endorse other GSSC members during the election period. This is because it is felt that a GSSC member’s sway over the election should not be more than the average GS voting student. This amendment was passed.

Finally, the deadline for sending in applications for GSSC positions was extended from two weeks to four weeks.

GSSC Banner via Bwog Archives