Calling all sophomores craving a sense of independence away from campus and private bathrooms.

Location: 601 W. 110th St., between Broadway and Riverside Drive.

  • Nearby dorms: Because 110th is located seven blocks from Barnard’s campus, the closest dorms are Columbia’s Harmony and Carlton Arms. 
  • Stores and restaurants: Near 110th, you’ll find Chipotle, Westside Market, Mel’s Burger Bar, Pressed Juicery, Five Guys, Koronet, and a CVS Pharmacy.
  • Cost: $11,206 per year and $18,258 per year for studios.


  • Bathrooms: A private bathroom is guaranteed. Larger 9-person suites have 2. 
  • AC/Heating: There is no AC, but the heating works. You will need a fan at all points of the year because it gets extremely hot. 
  • Kitchen: Suites have a standard kitchen, including a sink, oven, and refrigerator. There are ample cabinets for storage and limited counter space. There are kitchenettes in studios, though there is a stovetop, not an oven.
  • Lounges: Due to the nature of this dorm, in which students live with “real” New Yorkers, there is no common dorm lounge.
  • Laundry: There is a laundry room located in the basement of the building, though it may be helpful to note that the 110 laundry card is different from that of other Barnard dorms. 
  • Gym: There is no gym located in the building; however, the walk to campus will help you reach your daily step count. 
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Some rooms still have carpet, but the majority of suites have hardwood flooring. 
  • Wifi: There is personal wifi for each suite.

Room Variety: 

  • There are single, double, and triple options in suites that house 2, 3, 4, 6, or 9 people.
  • For an additional cost, there are also some studio singles. 
  • This building is mostly home to sophomores, though many other upperclassmen live here.

Bwog Recommendation: 

If living like a “real” New Yorker is at the top of your to-do list, then 110th might be the right fit for you. Though this building offers unique independence, there are distinct trade-offs with this building. Residents often claim that the walk is manageable, though you will be late for class at least once, and sometimes, the walk encourages skipping altogether. It is not up for debate; you WILL. If you are okay catching your breath while you arrive to class, it is also important to consider that this building struggles to find a sense of community due to the non-student residents and lack of communal spaces. Have there been reports of cockroaches in kitchen cabinets? Yes. However, this does not minimize the greatness of the spacious dorm. There are still many great things to say about 110, such as the proximity to the subway station and to essential shopping. 

Resident Opinions:

  • “It’s very spacious and comfortable, and overall, I would recommend it.”
  • “It gets points for having a Chipotle next door.” 
  • “It may not be the flashiest or prettiest or modern-est, but hey, it’s a home!”
  • “It’s really all you could have ever imagined about living in the city: roaches everywhere, the smell of trash flooding the halls, and having to scan a QR code and fill a tedious form out each time you step into your own home.”
  • “110 is a good place to live, but the walk to campus is substantial. Makes going to classes way more difficult, and it’s hard to keep up with campus dining plans.”


Images via 110th St. residents