Read today’s Bwoglines for union victories, significant protests, and a riveting panel. 

Happening in the World: During the last month, Sri Lankans have hosted many largely peaceful protests in response to the country’s poor leadership and worsening economic state. Yesterday, in a town called Rambukkana, conflicts between protesters and police led to the first fatality since the protests began. Twelve other protestors are currently in the hospital, with two in critical condition. The country’s government is seeking immediate financial aid from the International Monetary Fund in order to restore its access to essentials such as food and medicine. (Reuters)

Happening in the US: The Justice Department announced Tuesday that unless the Centers for Disease Control strongly suggests otherwise, it will not pursue an appeal against the court that struck down the federal mask mandate on public transport. Cities such as Dallas, Los Angeles, and Boston have stopped requiring masks for voyagers on airplanes or mass transit, while New York, Chicago, and the state of Connecticut still mandate mask-wearing. Many Americans have publicly expressed confusion at the federal repeal of mask mandates, which has led to conflicting requirements across municipalities. (AP)

Happening in NYC: Local 32BJ of the Service Employees International Union came to an agreement with the Realty Advisory Board on Labor Relations, securing a contract agreement and avoiding a strike that would have impacted over 3,000 buildings. The union, primarily comprised of doormen, negotiated for pay increases without sacrificing benefits such as healthcare. The strike, had it occurred, would have been the first by unionized doormen in over 30 years. (NYT)

Happening in our Community: Join members of the Men’s Engagement Task Force and Sexual Violence Response for a panel titled “Unpacking the Man Box: Masculinity and Leadership.” The event will feature a discussion meant to explore masculinity’s role in shaping power structures and dynamics on Columbia’s campus. Register for the webinar here.

32BJ via Wikimedia Commons