With one more meeting left before the semester ends, CCSC considers making the current Task Force structure permanent. 

The second to last CCSC meeting of the semester was brief and as usual, began with E-board updates. Notably, VP Campus Life Elsa Chung (CC ‘23) shared that both Night Carnival and the Slate event that were held this past Thursday turned out to be great successes with an excellent turnout. 

The most pertinent item on this week’s agenda was a review of the current Task Force structure. President Rads Mehta (CC ‘22) explained that historically, CCSC had four committees each run by a VP. This structure was recently changed and these committees became task forces, which focus on a specific aspect of student life, such as Campus Life, Financial Accessibility, Academics, etc. An amendment to make the switch official was never added to the Constitution, so President Mehta asked members to discuss whether they would like to make the task force structure a permanent fixture in the CCSC Constitution. After about ten minutes of discussion with their task forces, members came back to report their thoughts on the matter.

The general consensus was that the task force structure was preferred over the committee structure. VP Policy Krishna Menon (CC ‘22) noted that he believes the task force structure brings members together in a more cohesive manner, allowing members to know what each other is doing. However, in discussing the cons of the task force structure, Menon shared that he worried sometimes that members were not able to do individual work because they were too preoccupied with their task force projects. FGLI Representative Jaine Archambeau (CC ‘22) echoed this when she said she loves the task force structure because it allows for more substantial undertakings, but members are not able to do as much class-focused work if not given a specific task. A handful of members voiced that despite the minor drawbacks, they appreciate the smaller groups that the task force structure allows for, and ultimately prefer this structure over committees.

In terms of improvements, Class of 2023 President Charlie Wallace offered that it should be ensured that task forces meet frequently and that attendance is enforced. Amidst a few other suggestions, President Mehta tabled the conversation by saying that E-board would work on a little write-up concerning the task force matter for next week. 

The meeting ended before 9 pm, and members were invited to stay for E-board office hours. 

See you next week!

Low Library via Bwog Archives