Day 3 of Barnard’s 123 Lottery saw rising juniors pick into all remaining single rooms. 

On the third day of Barnard’s 123 lottery, rising juniors picked into the remaining singles and doubles. All remaining singles were selected today, meaning the majority of rooms left are corridor-style doubles along with a limited number of suite-style doubles.

What’s Gone 

All singles

Doubles in Sulz Tower

What’s Scarce

Doubles in Hewitt

Doubles in 121

Doubles in Cathedral Gardens

Doubles in 620

What’s Left 

1 double in Hewitt

16 doubles in Elliott 

19 doubles in 110 

14 doubles in 600

10 doubles in 616

8 doubles in 620

5 doubles in Cathedral Gardens

15 doubles in Plimpton

Looking Ahead

Barnard’s 123 Lottery will continue through Friday, with mixed junior-sophomore groups and the first rising sophomores picking tomorrow morning. Those who do not sign up for the Guaranteed List will likely select into corridor-style doubles or a limited number of remaining suite-style rooms. If you’re still waiting on your selection time, check out Bwog’s 2022 Housing Reviews!

Sulz Tower via Bwog Archives