You may be a creep; you may be a weirdo. But at least your official house selection for next year is proof that you do, in fact, belong here.

Like the band Radiohead, the House Selection choices made today really scrambled my brain to a point of no return. “No Surprises” for some of your choices; others were kind of a “Let Down.” You mean to tell me that you had studio singles AND 2-person flats available, and you still picked a Schapiro walk-through double?! Hm.

Well, since I’ve already grabbed your attention with the melancholic mumbles of Thom Yorke, it’s time for a Radiohead-themed Roundup!

What’s gone:

  • 3-person suites in 47 Claremont
  • 4-person Hogan suites
  • East Campus
    • 3-person suites
    • 2-person suites
    • 4-person suites

What’s scarce:

  • 47 Claremont
    • Two 2-person suites (well, three, if you count the RA you’ll be living with)
    • One 5-person suite
    • One 6-person suite
  • East Campus
    • Six corridor doubles
    • Six 6-person suites
  • Hogan
    • One 2-person suite
    • Four 5-person suites
  • Ruggles
    • One 2-person suite
    • Three 3-person suites
    • One 4-person suite
  • 627 115th St
    • Three studio singles
    • Four studio doubles
  • 3 singles in 600 W 113th St

What’s still remaining:

Since only an approximate half of the seniors chose the past two days, there are still a lot of options left, especially for typically junior-dominant housing. Some highlights for the seniors include:

  • Almost all of Woodbridge
  • All the 6-person and 8-person Ruggles suites
  • Twelve 2-person suites and 54 studio doubles in Watt
  • 8 studio doubles in 548 W 113th St
  • 41 5-person suites in EC
  • 34 singles in River

Looking ahead: Remaining seniors, if you still want a suite, pick a partner and cozy up in those tiny rooms! If you want the full apartment experience, some of you will definitely need a roommate to get a guaranteed 5-person EC suite, a Woodbridge 2-person suite, or a Watt studio double. Otherwise, there are so, so many singles at your disposal, so if you want to blast Radiohead’s In Rainbows while you pull an all-nighter, you’ll be able to do so without bothering anybody.

And so, another day turns into night, and Day 2 of this year’s Columbia Housing Lottery has passed. If you’re still waiting your turn to select, make sure to pay follow Bwog’s live Twitter thread. Our housing reviews can be found here, and the Columbia live counter for selection can be found here with a UNI login.

Alright, good night! *Plays “Exit Music (For a Film)” as the screen fades to black.*

In Bwaimbows via Victoria Borlando