An exploration into the emotional depths of the university.

What is stronger

Than the Barnumbia student

Who waits over and over

And still eats

Columbia Dining Lines

How is it so easy for you

To be loved by people I asked

Sweat and pride dripped

From his lips as he answered

Cause people have made me wear

The fursuit

Roaree, Beloved Roaree 

Even the beginner’s mind

Must come to an end

Deantini demise


I whispered

As someone

Took the last single


She is water

Soft enough

To offer life

Tough enough

from the penis fountain

love liquid

He isn’t coming back

Whispered PrezBo

He has to

Sobbed my College heart

Please don’t leave me, Deantini

We are all born

So smart

The greatest tragedy is

Taking Contemporary Civilization

Growing up and living

It is a blessing

To be the color of Pantone 292

Do you know how often

People confuse me for North Carolina

There’s Columbia in Carolina


Lions roar and roar

And no one hears

Butler Silent Rooms

The college

Gives you 

So much pain

And here you are

Taking econ in it

Gulati and goners

I am not

my mater’s child

because she

is alma

and also a statue

A mother that raised me

milk and roaree via an AI software