We don’t have any of the Bacchanal performers but we can guarantee a room that is somehow both hot and freezing at the same time!

Did you enjoy the Bacchanal commotion that transpired yesterday?

There are no words to describe the emotion caused by drinking during the day.

You may be left empty (both in stomach and heart) after such a wild ordeal.

But don’t fret because Bwog is here doing its part to make sure you have time to heal.

If you feel you might be at some sort of loss, come to Bwog’s 9 pm Open Meeting.

We can’t guarantee the sight of Rick Ross but we promise a warm, friendly greeting.

Share your ideas or just come to chill at a venue better than Terminal 5.

There’s no Maude Latour but there is still a thrill to helping Bwog Magazine thrive.

Come to tonight’s Open Meeting at 9 pm! Please email editors@bwog.com for the meeting location!

how i am choosing to recall Bacchanal via Flickr