SGA’s president Emily Ndiokho (BC ’22) as well as the rest of Barnard’s Student Government Association is a fantastic example of the kind, bold, and ingenious students that make up Barnard’s population. 

Happy Tuesday everyone, last night’s meeting was full of bittersweet and nostalgic memories of the past many, many weeks. I am so glad to be privileged enough to attend the SGA meetings every Monday for this past school year and witness our next generation of female leaders grow and prosper. But before I get nostalgic, I’ll start with a big congratulations to next year’s SGA leaders and especially to Tiffany Vo (BC’ 23), who will be the next SGA president taking Emily Ndiokho’s (BC ’22) spot! 

During the presentation portion of the meeting, Emily talked about SGA’s year. Barnard’s SGA maintains a mission that facilitates expressing opinions on matters through encouraging active communication between students, administration, and faculty. In addition, SGA ensures Barnard students are fully aware of information that affects their undergraduate experiences. SGA also promotes and ensures responsible self-government, open dialogue, and action through fair and transparent elections as well as overseeing the student activities fee and maintaining its responsible use. This mission was achieved through the highest voter turnout in SGA within the past five years, successful ratification of the SGA constitution, a financial audit, four new positions to better advocate for students, and a very active Instagram account. 

Overall, SGA is an incredible group of people working with both our administration and students which is no doubt a difficult task. They’ve done a fantastic job throughout the political and emotional turmoil of this year, and they deserve huge congratulations, especially on the new SGA constitution. Congratulations to the graduating seniors of SGA: Emily Ndiokho (BC ’22), the SGA President; Parker Watts (BC ’22), the Vice President of Policy; Christina Juste (BC ’22), the Vice President of Equity; Miso Kim (BC ’22), the Vice President of Campus Life; Kennedy Yeager (BC ’22), the Vice President of Finance; Alicia Benis (BC ’22), the Senior Representative to the Board of Trustees; Audrey Pettit (BC ’22), the Senior Class President; and a special shout-out to Bannon Beall (BC ’22), the Representative for Food and Dining and fellow Bwogger—we love you ;). You have all done a great job and everyone at Barnard thanks you for all your hard work over your past four years!  

Congratulations once again, and see you later :) 

SGA Header via Ava Morouse