With the true end of the school year tantalizingly close, here are some tips for the home stretch.

Bwogline: Ferdinand Marcos Jr., also known as “Bongbong,” appears to have won the Philippines presidential election by a wide margin. While official counts will likely take a few weeks to surface, unofficial tallies of the race estimate that Marcos Jr garnered 30 million votes to outgoing Vice President Leni Robredo’s 14 million. Marcos Jr is the son of Ferdinand Marcos Sr, the Philippines’s former dictator, under whom citizens of the country suffered decades of human rights violations. (CNN)

Study Tip: Don’t study during the half-hour before an exam. As an old Armenian saying goes, it’s like taking a last breath before death. Calm yourself down instead.

Music of the Day: “Summer Girl” by HAIM is today’s pick. For those of you who are already out of the gauntlet, this song will single-handedly manifest your manic pixie dream girl wistful pining summer romance, etc. etc. For those of you who still have finals left, listen to build anticipation for the aforementioned experience. 

Procrastination Tip: Watch Adventure Time and sob your eyes out instead of studying for your last final. 

Overseen/Overheard: A dear friend and I went to one of the knickknack stores in Chelsea Market, and whoever was controlling the playlist played only Jack Stauber songs for a solid thirty minutes. It was extremely nostalgic but also very sad, probably because it was extremely nostalgic. Thanks (?), and I hope you get better.

Butler Library via Bwarchives