You’ll get them next time, Amazon Labor Union!

Bwogline: Yesterday, the effort to unionize a second warehouse on Amazon’s Staten Island campus failed according to a preliminary vote count. Following April’s successful unionization vote, Amazon flooded Staten Island’s LDJ5 warehouse with anti-union consultants to speak with workers ahead of the union vote. Out the 998 employees who cast ballots, only 38 percent of workers voted to support the Amazon Labor Union at this LDJ5 warehouse, compared to the 55 percent who’d supported the union during last month’s historic election at the JK8 warehouse. (Gothamist)

Study Tip: I like having a Study With Me YouTube video in the background so it feels like I have an accountability buddy. These videos usually run on a 50 minute work / 10 minute break structure, so it also reminds you to take breaks. This one by Merve is probably my favorite because of the peaceful rain sounds.

Music of the Day: Both Sides Now by Judy Collins. I saw CODA a couple days ago, and this song is stuck in my head. Some people might prefer the Joni Mitchell version, but I love the whimsy of this one.

Procrastination Tip: Rewatch one of your favorite comfort movies! I highly recommend Fantastic Mr. Fox or Turning Red if you’re looking for an enjoyable animated movie.

Overseen/Overheard: Last night around 1 am, I was trying to fall asleep and some dude yelled outside my window, “I LOVE NEW YORK CITY!” at the top of his lungs, and then all of his friends cheered. I’m glad you’re living your coming-of-age movie dreams, but I have work in the morning.

Amazon Warehouse via Wikimedia