A 48-hour forcast of rain, you say? Finals week has begun.

Bwogline: President Joe Biden has named Karine Jean-Pierre as the new White House press secretary. Succeeding Jen Psaki, who has held the role since the beginning of the Biden-Harris administration, Jean-Pierre will be be the first black woman and the first openly gay person to fill the position. Psaki is reported to take an on-air role at MSNBC following her departure from the White House in mid-May. (BBC)

Study Tip: Photosynthesize! Turn on lamps! Open those blinds! Studies show that lighting is a dominant factor in the brain’s ability to focus and ward off fatigue. My favorite spot to sunbathe study is the green milly chairs, of course.

Music of the Day: I have mixed feelings on the new release of Un Verano Sin Ti…

Procrastination Tip: Check every inbox. Check your spam. Check your promotions. Check that slack channel from that one club you signed up for during club rush but never attended a meeting. Don’t check LinkedIn (it’s for your own good).

Overseen/Overheard: Primal screams. Thats all.

me in like 10 days via Flickr