CCSC members engaged in a balanced share of work and play for their last meeting of the year.

Gathering in the Satow room for the final CCSC meeting of the school year, this week’s G-Body meeting began with one last round of E-board updates, which happened to be relatively brief.

The first item on the agenda was revisiting the Task Force structure conversation that was initiated last week, and more specifically, a new Task Force Amendment to be added to the constitution. President Rads Mehta (CC ‘22) shared that they essentially took out all the language concerning committees in the CCSC constitution, and intentionally left the framework for the task force structure vague enough for future members to make adjustments as needed. However, she noted that there will be two long standing committees—the Campus Life committee and the Inclusion committee. Additionally, a project summary document was created for task force leaders to update weekly for transparency and so that all members are informed on the activities of the other task forces. Lastly, President Mehta added that the idea of appointing chairs to task forces so that more people can be involved and active was also discussed. Members were instructed to vote on the amendment in a shared VoteUp link, and ultimately, the Task Force Amendment passed unanimously.

On to the next agenda item, as CCSC elections for the 2022/2023 school year have come to an end, President Mehta shared a “Transition Doc” with members so as to facilitate a smooth transition of power, noting that the doc can also be helpful to returning CCSC members. The document includes position descriptions, events, and more. Lastly, CCSC members are planning to attend a transition after-party this coming Saturday, May 7, 2022, to get more casually acquainted with new and returning members.

The meeting ended with “Paper Plate Awards” in which members were given CCSC superlatives, like “Most Likely to Be The Best Bwog CCSC Bureau Chief Ever,” which very surprisingly was not on the awards docket, but all’s well that ends well, no?

Lerner Ramps via Bwog Archives