Class of 2026, read up!

Location: Between 115th and 116th and Amsterdam

  • Nearby dorms: Hartley and John Jay
  • Nearby dining halls: John Jay, JJ’s Place
  • Close proximity to Hamilton Hall and Butler Library
  • Cost: 2022-2023 year projected rates: $9,450/year for first-years, $10,500/year for upperclassmen.


  • Bathrooms: Each floor has seven single-use private bathrooms (three in each of the two main hallways, and one in the center of the floor), with their own showers, toilet, and sinks. The bathrooms are honestly quite spacious and overall kept quite clean (they are cleaned twice a week)
  • AC/Heating: Tragically, no AC, and also no control over the heat (it’s just always on during the winter), so invest in some fans and keep your windows open (honestly not too bad if you get the right balance of fans and open windows)
  • Lounges: There is a lounge located in the middle of every floor; mine features a table, a large TV, and several well-cushioned chairs. The lounges feel quite open and spacious, in this Bwogger’s opinion. They are cleaned daily during the week.
  • Kitchen: Located in each lounge is a kitchen with with an oven, a stovetop, a sink, a microwave (although my floor’s microwave was broken before we even moved in at the beginning of the fall semester, and housing never sent us a new one)
  • Laundry: One room with twelve washers and twelve dryers, shared with Hartley, and located in the bowels of the basement tunnels underneath Wallach and Hartley. These tunnels are dark, damp, and cramped, as humid as a jungle and occasionally featuring guest appearances by cockroaches; do beware of exposed wiring, just in case. The laundry machines generally do their job, although a few are always broken at any given time (to say nothing of the 2022 Hartley-Wallach Laundry Crisis, when somewhere around nine of the twelve total washing machines were fully broken for several weeks this spring)
  • Printing: There is a PawPrint printer in the lobby of Wallach 
  • Fire Escapes: None
  • Elevators: One on each side of the building; as far as elevators go, these are fairly speedy and clean and overall respectable! 
  • The 10th floor features the Wallach Sky Lounge, a neat little study room filled with chairs and bookshelves, with some (small) windows facing out onto campus
  • In the middle of the lobby, across from the security desk, there is the soon-to-be-opened Wallach Gamer Lounge, a newly-renovated space for e-gaming
  • Just like Hartley, there is a pavilion/seating area right outside the doors of Wallach, with several tables and benches available


  • Across nine residential floors, there are 141 singles, ranging roughly from 100 to 125 square feet, and 51 doubles, each at around 200 square feet
  • The views from windows facing into campus (overlooking Butler Library and Butler Lawn) are very pleasant

Bwog Recommendations:

  • Wallach is pretty understated since it is less communal and (seemingly) quieter than Hartley, its companion building, but it is overall very clean and spacious, and a chill and enjoyable place to live
  • Like Hartley and John Jay, being located so closely to several dining halls is very convenient, and it is generally centrally located and never a far walk from anything located immediately on campus
  • The size, privacy, and cleanliness of our bathrooms are a consistent source of jealousy from friends in other buildings
  • I have personally never seen a cockroach on my floor, only a few baby cockroaches in the lobby one time (are young cockroaches called babies?), though I do have friends that have seen some
  • The walls and doors are generally fairly soundproof (when walking in the hallway, I will hear noises from other rooms, but upon entering my room I can’t hear anything from outside); however, the rooms closest to the lounges do seem to be susceptible to sound, especially when the door to the lounge is kept open


One side of a Wallach double
A Wallach bathroom

all photos via Bwarchives or Bwog Staff