What Bwog plans to do as soon as the semester ends.

Classes are closing for this academic year and that means we’re entering a period of free will! The sun is bright, the trees are green, and most things are squared away for the next school year. That warrants a celebration! Let’s enjoy the free time! Here’s what Bwoggers are doing with it.

Bwog will get educated:

  • Try to read One Hundred Years of Solitude 
    • Or Moby Dick
  • Read The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu
  • Reading a book for pleasure 
  • My thesis…

Bwog will get granola:

  • Go on walks/hike
  • Go on a hike
  • Learn needlepoint
  • Go for an actual trail run in the actual woods
    • I love you, Central Park, but it’s not the same

Bwog will relax:

  • Sleeping really hard.
    • Like I’m talking at least 20 straight hours.
  • Paint 
  • Play with my cat
  • Resting, for once
  • Lie on the floor of my living room and bathe in the sun until my dad tells me to stop
  • Take a nap in my backyard
  • Take a nap on the floor in my living room

Bwog will catch up on media:

  • Finally listen to Big Thief’s new album, Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You
  • Rewatch MANIAC 
  • Going to a movie theatre and watching a movie properly, on a big screen, after a semester of streaming through CU libraries for my film studies class

Bwog will get indie:

  • Get really into tarot cards
  • Stew in existential thoughts

Bwog will celebrate major milestones:

  • My sister’s college graduation lol
  • Realistically? Finding housing
  • Taking my first legal drink (I’m turning 21 the day after the last day of finals)
  • Having one stiff drink by myself (Legally. Did I mention I’m turning 21 on move-out day?)

Bwog will treat themselves:

  • Find a bar or somewhere else in this fucking city to play Nintendo Switch Sports because I have neither a switch nor friends with a switch
  • Crying in places that aren’t campus
  • I’m going to France so: 
    • Eat delicious pastries, 
      • Drink cheap wine, 
        • Ride a bike, 
          • Read a book, 
            • Fall in love,
              •  Fuck around.

Bwog will feast:

  • Replacing my Chef Mike’s Sub Shop eating habits with the superior Wawa hoagie eating habits
  • Eat my bodyweight in tamales
  • Drink wine
  • Bake for my family
  • Make smoothies

Bwog will enjoy the world:

  • When I am back in my seaside town later this summer I plan to run directly into the ocean and never return. You all are welcome to join
  • Go to the dentist
    • But then I go to Kenya so things get more exciting! Although I like my dentist, so I think that’s kind of exciting too. I love dental hygiene

Bwog will get clean:

  • Take a shower without wearing shoes
  • Use my favorite kind of bar soap again
  • Washing every article of clothing I brought with me to college
  • Use a dishwasher

Bwog will strengthen bonds:

  • Annoying my younger brother irl for the first time in months
  • Bothering my boyfriend both online and abroad! How many states will I bother him in? We’ll see!
  • Hug my dog

and Bwog will get coin:

  • Getting paid to write news! 
    • (Bwog is still a non-profit, please turn off Ad-Blocker for us).

Children on the beach by Menci Clement Crnčić via Wikimedia Commons