Is this a MUNA reference or a catchy way to get you to subscribe to FreshLetter? Hint: it’s both.

Wait. Are you an incoming Barnumbia first-year looking for as much advice about college before The Big Move™? And you’re reading this article right now? Oh my God, babe, Bwog’s your number one fan! This is such good news!

Alright, MUNA references aside, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably scoured all over the Internet trying to find as much as you can about Columbia. That makes sense; after waiting so long for this moment, there are so many secrets you’re just itching to figure out. 

However, we at Bwog know better than anyone that finding everything is a daunting task. From Twitter to Reddit, to the Bwog Archives, to TikToks, to Facebook posts, and more, all you need to know about the next four years is dispersed in almost too many different places. If only there were a place that could put all that knowledge in one place! Wait…I know a place!

For the next four weeks, Bwog will be posting a series of articles covering all things Barnumbia, giving you the insider scoop on how to navigate life at the University as a first-year student. And, if you subscribe to FreshLetter 2022, you will receive a fun, sometimes silly, always informative newsletter every Sunday night, filled to the brim with advice, pictures of our beautiful campus, and hilarious content. From dining halls to roommate advice, to scheduling recommendations, to an actually competent explanation of the Foreign Language requirement, Bwog has you covered with tips from students who’ve been there before.

If you’d like to be in the know before arriving on campus (or if you just want more music references—I’m sure there’ll be plenty more coming your way), you can subscribe to FreshLetter 2022 here. In the meantime, while you eagerly wait for your first email (July 31), feel free to learn more about Bwog and read some of our articles from the past year. 

And of course, welcome to Columbia University! We are so excited to welcome you to our community!

Last MUNA reference…for now via Victoria Borlando