The stock market drops, the number of cases of monkeypox in the city drops, and you’re running out of time to drop a class.

Happening in the World: In Hong Kong, hundreds of residents lined up to pay respects to Queen Elizabeth II at the British Consulate General. This demonstration of grief is being seen by some experts as a form of protest against Beijing. (NBC)

Happening in the US: As markets closed on Friday, stocks continued to tumble as Wall Street saw another rough week, indicating the economy’s struggle to adjust to increased interest rates and a spike in inflation. In particular, FedEx stock dropped more than 21 percent. (NYT)

Happening in NYC: The city released thousands of monkeypox vaccine appointments, and began to allow people under 18 to get a shot. Numbers of daily reported cases have dropped drastically. (CBS)

Happening in our community: The Morningside Lights Festival, an annual outdoor procession of lanterns built by Columbia and Morningside Heights community members, returns September 24. Barnard College will hold lantern creation workshops from the 17th to the 22nd. 

A drop of water via Wikimedia Commons