This is a dedication to late trains and frantically texting your friends to apologize for tardiness at each stop on the way.

Happening in the World: After days of riots, government officials in Haiti call for peace and threaten protestors with punishment for property attacks. The riots, which began in response to rising inflation and diesel costs, have cut food and water supplies in major cities and resulted in several deaths. (BBC)

Happening in the US: After Typhoon Merbok hit the western coast of Alaska this weekend, the state has been experiencing major flooding. Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy declared a disaster for areas most affected after what is being described as a historic storm. There have been no reported injuries so far. (Reuters)

Happening in NYC: The MTA has announced the implementation of the first “Weekend Service Czar.” Jose LaSalle will be appointed to this role to oversee how weekend MTA service is decided and communicated to subway users. The MTA takes this step amongst complaints about NYC’s weekend subway delays. (Gothamist)

Happening in Our Community: On Monday, September 19, “Scorched Earth, Broken Lives,” an exhibit by Ukrainian photographer Sasha Maslov, will take place in the International Affairs Building. The exhibit documents Ukrainian citizens’ efforts to support their country since Russia’s invasion in February. There is no registration or ticket required. 

Portal to hell via Bwog Archives