Bwog is the place to be! But, how does one get there?

Whether you’re a bright-eyed first-year or a seasoned senior, campus can be difficult to navigate. Locating certain buildings and classrooms can be tricky, especially if you’re in a rush. As such, I’ve taken it upon myself to help you find your way around.

Bwog, everyone’s favorite campus publication, is (usually) held in Lerner 510 at 9 pm. Here are some different ways to get yourself from point A to point Bwog. 

Visit the ghost of the Bucking Bronco

Last year’s Glass House Rocks showcased a mechanical bull in Lerner 555. Although the bull’s physical form is no longer there, its spirit still remains. 

Starting at Columbia’s gates on 116th, turn right onto south lawn and approach Lerner. Enter the building from the first floor, take the stairs or elevator to room 555, and feel the specter saturate your soul. Then head to 510–just a quick jaunt down the hall–to attend Bwog.

Play some frisbee

Lerner hall is a short distance from south lawn, where students can often be seen playing frisbee on warm evenings. Take the opportunity to get some play in before the real work begins. (Kidding, Bwog is Extremely Chill. Please come.)

After a game of frisbee (in which I’m sure you dominated), walk southwest until your reach Lerner. From there, take a pit stop at the water fountains on the first floor and make your way to 510. Be sure to brag about your win during the meeting. (We care.)

Get your snack on

JJ’s Place is open from 12pm to 1am every day, so some getting some extra energy before Bwog is a good option.  

After grabbing a snack or meal of your choice at JJ’s, head up the stairs to the ground-level exit. Turn left until you reach Butler, navigate your way across south lawn, and enter Lerner Hall. Make your way to 510 and greet Bwog with a full belly and an open heart. 

Butler to Bwog

Need to get some work done? Head to Butler and grind out those labs/essays/readings before heading to the Bwog meeting. 

Butler is almost directly east from Lerner, and only a few minutes walk, so making the trek shouldn’t be too strenuous. Leaving from Butler’s main doors, head to the left down the ramp. The entrance to Lerner is practically in your lap. Journey to the fifth floor, locate room 510, and get the party started.  

Pre-Bwog sweat-sesh 

Dodge Fitness Center closes at 8pm on Sundays, which happens to be an hour before Bwog begins. But don’t fret: you can still make your way–quite efficiently–between the two buildings. 

After finishing your workout at Dodge, exit via the main doors and make your way–slowly–up the stairs. Be sure to spend at least a minute on each step. Remember, this is all about pacing. Once you reach the top (approximately 15 minutes later), take a breather–you had a tough workout, after all, and you still have a ways to go until you get to your destination. 

Continue walking parallel to Broadway, being sure to take your time, until you reach Low steps. Here, sit down for a few minutes and ponder what it means to be an educated person in society. What does it mean to be a Columbian? Is this level of education worth it? What does it mean to have a degree? Further, what is the ultimate goal of humanity? Why are we here? Now, get yourself up, we have somewhere to be! 

Take the stairs down Low steps, pausing with each miniature descent to think about human nature. Stop to admire Alma. Perhaps blow her a kiss. Continue. Once you reach College Walk, lie down. Look at the starless sky. Ask yourself what you can do to abate air pollution in the city. Ask yourself if you can do anything at all. Stand up! Bwog starts in ten minutes!

As you continue to Lerner, stretch your legs. This all started with a workout, remember? Do some lunges. Some calf raises. Soon you’ll be at the entrance of Lerner, where you can ride the elevator up to 510. Enter the Bwog meeting with a dim look in your eyes. Fall to the ground. “What is it all for?” you exclaim.

Map of campus via Bwarchives