Join us in Lerner 510 at 9 pm for an evening of probably no poetry but lots of fun.

Glorious Bwog invites you to join the 

Year’s first Open Meeting, held on this night

There are no cares to where you may not be

Unless from Bwog’s Open meeting there’s flight

We join as Bwog for laughter and updates

And tragic stories from classes in which

We ran through the rain, ten minutes too late

But this open meeting we plan to pitch

Ideas that are old and somewhat new

Ideas born from campus foolery

Ideas that ask and answer for you

Ideas that shine like gold jewelry

To Lerner 510 Bwog invites you in

On a damp Sunday night at 9 pm

TLDR: We’re having our first Open Meeting of the year in Lerner 510 at 9 pm. Join us.

Actual oil painting of Bwog staff writers via Bwog Archives