Anyone can be the Writing Queen. Let ABBA entice you to come to our Open Meeting in Lerner 510 at 9 pm.

You can dance (I guess), you can write

Having the time of your life

See that Bwog, watch that scene

Digging the writing queen

Sunday night and the lights are low

Looking for the meeting spot to go

Where they go to Lerner 510

Getting in the swing

You come with a laptop or a pen (if you want)

Any club could be that one

Night is young and the Bwog is right

With a bit of writing, everything is fine

You’re in the mood for a pitch

And when you get the chance

You are the writing queen

Young and sweet, only college-aged

Writing queen,

Then we meet at 9 pm, oh yeah

You can dance, you can write, 

Having the time of your life

See that Bwog, bring that pen

Then come to Lerner 510 (at 9 pm)

Disco ball via Wikimedia Commons