From the environmental crisis in Flint to discussions on how we are educating the next generation.

Happening in the World: A failed missile launch in South Korea caused alarm among citizens last night. The launch was in response to a North Korean missile being flown over South Korea on Tuesday. The missile crashed and landed, leaving South Korean citizens in the dark for several hours. The move comes not long after Kim Jong-un’s September statement in which he refused talks of denuclearization. (BBC)

Happening in the US: Several charges against former Michigan state officials for their handling of the Flint water crisis have been dismissed. The grounds for the dismissal were that the indictments were invalid and did not follow proper court procedure. The search for justice for the victims of the Flint crisis continues, as discussions and new rulings will continue to emerge in the future. (WSJ)

Happening in NYC: A New York State financial reporter has released an audit encouraging NYC’s education department to do more to prepare its high school students for adult life and work. The audit includes data from 2019 indicating lower-than-average graduation rates, especially among minority students. The Department of Education made a statement on Tuesday pledging to do more to aid students as they leave the school system. (The Gothamist)

Happening in Our Community: This Friday, a discussion will be held with the authors of “Sustainability Education: A Classroom Guide” from 12 to 1 pm. Authors Stephen Scoffham and Steve Rawlinson, with years of experience in environmental education, will share their knowledge and experiences in teaching the next generation about the climate crisis.

Image via Wikimedia Commons