Updates on the fight against COVID-19 and monkeypox provide hope for the future.

Happening in the World: The UN General Assembly overwhelmingly voted to not recognize Russia’s annexation of parts of Ukraine. The resolution, with over 3/4 of the supporting vote, is hoped to de-escalate the conflict and symbolize the international community’s desire to end the war. Following this vote, there have also been calls to remove Russia’s veto power at the Security Council. (BBC)

Happening in the US: The FDA has expanded the availability of the new COVID-19 booster vaccination to children six years and older. This decision, backed by the CDC, is hoped to prevent the spread in schools this winter. The vaccine, specifically meant to target the Omicron strain of COVID-19, may also become available to children under five within the coming days. Booster doses are being manufactured in the millions in anticipation of higher demand for this new age group, as well as the upcoming holidays. (WSJ)

Happening in NYC: In a briefing on Wednesday, NYC Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan stated that the city has “turned a corner” on the prevention of the spread of monkeypox. Since the disease was declared a public health emergency in July, cases have dropped from 70 per week to only 10. Challenges with vaccine rollout and the understanding of the virus itself did hinder the effort to stop the spread, but there is hope for the future as the virus becomes more contained (The Gothamist).

Happening in our Community: The Center for Jazz Studies will be hosting an event all-day tomorrow on the mixing of jazz with other musical genres. Experts from six different colleges and universities will be in attendance to discuss and answer questions. The event will begin at 10 am and will be held in the East Gallery in Buell Hall.

Image via Bwog Archives