Bwog treated themselves, got ready for halloween, and saw lots of cute animals this week!

Bwog got in touch with nature:

  • Hiked in New Jersey and regretted it (too many lanternflies).
    • Morphed into a lanternfly assassin for the day.
  • Hiked! saw beautiful fall colors!
  • Went to Barnard’s greenhouse for the first time (this is pathetic because I am a senior).

Bwog saw lots of animals in the city:

  • Met a white leashed cat named Tofu.
    • Saw ANOTHER leashed cat with a dragon outfit on.
  • Witnessed baby raccoons eating what I believed to be corn dogs in Riverside.
  • Saw a dog wearing a little plaid handkerchief in Central Park and was delighted. Autumnal!
  • Saw a beagle in a raincoat.

Bwog had many clothing-related endeavors:

  • Went to a sidewalk clothing sale outside of Hungarian Pastry Shop!
  • Got a leather jacket but also had my card info stolen from the CVS ATM when I got cash for it.
  • Finalized my Halloween costumes. There are two. I am extra.
  • Made an Elizabethan ruff out of excess curtain. No it was not an intelligent use of my time.
  • Risked it all braving the basement roaches of Nuss to do my laundry.

Bwog went out to eat:

  • Went to the board game café! So fun!
  • Had Georgian food for the first time (Chama Mama my beloved).
  • Got a free fancy dinner because my dad was in town.
  • Celebrated soup season and ate the most delicious hot pot with awesome people.
  • Had dinner at an outdoor restaurant in Riverside.
  • Tried going to Oktoberfest… left after realizing the entry line was four hours long.

Cat that should be in my life right now via Bwarchives