Bwog spent a lot of time with family members this weekend…y’all know you’re legally not required to do that until next week, right?

Bwog spent time with their families:

  • My family came to town, felt very illegal for them to pay for meals.
    • Saw my sister for the first time in a hot minute.
  • Visited my uncle’s family in Brooklyn. My six year-old cousin has started wearing crop tops and it’s a huge deal. Also, Brooklyn slays. There were people selling clothes on every block and every restaurant basically does a little siesta between 3 and 5 pm.
    • Tried to get my cousin who goes to college in Long Island excited about going to college and NYC (it did not work).
  • Almost got punched in Bryant Park while trying to get a coat from my sister.
  • My sister came into town and took up the entire floor of my single with her air mattress. (It was great to see her though!)
  • Spontaneously met my mom in Philadelphia because campus was making me have a breakdown.

Bwog dealt with rejection in many forms:

  • Got rejected by Tesla. One step further from Elon Musk and closer to God.
  • Got rejected from a graduate fellowship.
  • Had a shit date.
  • Dodged a hug accidentally.

Bwog embraced the college sleep schedule:

  • Pulled a semi-all-nighter. Is it considered that if you still get some sleep but you get to bed at 8 am?
  • Stayed up until 4:00 am with floormates I barely knew, I would die for them.
  • Went out to a house party and ended up walking home with a group from 52nd street at 3 am.
  • Went to bed at 11 pm on Friday and Saturday night because I desperately needed to catch up on sleep.
  • Fought demons (trying to get a good sleep schedule).
  • Slept at odd hours.

Bwog ran into friends in a variety of contexts:

  • Ran into a girl from my high school on the subway???
  • Had my friend visit me from LA.
  • Saw a friend from high school’s younger brother in a lesbian bar. Uhhh…
  • Went to a bar and saw my friend who is in high school coincidentally.

100% real family via Pexels