Where did your parents do it?

As a non-legacy student, I often find myself conflicted when I look at all the legacy kids around me. Where did they all come from? Because I knew they had to come from somewhere, I set out on a journey, with my trusty photographer Elias, to find out where they truly first popped into existence.

Butler Stacks

Ah, yes, the classic. What better place to get it on than between rows upon rows of musty old books. Doing it in Butler is a tale as old as time, and one that has spawned just as many (if you know what I mean).

Under the Tree Outside of Philosophy

There aren’t many better places to shag than under a white pine as the Thinker looks on. He sure has a lot to contemplate, and I think your parents do too.

On Low Roof

A stunning, yet humbling view of everything there is to see on campus. Your parents risked it all going up the scaffolding, and on the way up decided to get a little bit riskier.

Earl Hall Stairs

If my poor freshman eyes hadn’t been scarred during NSOP, I never would have added it to the list. Yet, here we are.

Fire Escape

Quick access to the beautiful outdoors, as well as the right place to be in case of a fire. Hopefully your parents used a blanket for this one.

Pan Statue

Not only would the Greek deity of fertility not have minded, but he’d have supported it as well! Just look at that mischievous smile.

Fayerweather Garden

Many different types of pollination happened out here, and one of them may have included the kid sitting next to you. Looks like they have more in common with bees than they thought!

Room in Buell Hall

The ghost in Buell is fed up for a reason. Your parents shouldn’t have bothered them.

Havemeyer 309

Guess why it’s actually the most filmed classroom. Great counter up front by the way. Very sturdy.

All Photos via Elias Reville