Graffiti as therapy for your Barnumbia midterm moods: if you’re feeling it, the squiggly face has already been through it.

Recently, we’ve all been walking around campus in an addled daze. It’s midterms, so we haven’t been stopping to smell the subway scunge or touch the floor of the Futter Field tent and wish it were grass. In doing so, however, we’ve missed the opportunity to enjoy the prolific oeuvre of one graffiti artist, who I’d very much like to assume is our classmate, that’s been putting a lot of effort into lightening our lives. They bravely express emotions too nuanced to communicate in a single phrase, and their work is everywhere the second you begin to look. So, like all art is meant for, allow Bwog to project Barnumbia’s emotions and sentiments onto some of our favorite squiggly faces, with entirely accurate interpretations.

Orange/red squiggly face with white eyes, covered by a ripped-up advertisement. The addition has transformed itself into part of the piece.
Squiggly face is clearly distressed that they forgot about Halloween and has cobbled together a last minute party costume. They’re hoping someone asks them about their ‘ironic’ piece of paper look so that they can explain that it’s actually a postmodern critique of capitalist consumerist culture in America.
Massive black squiggly face with disproportionately large eyes. The weathering reveals this as one of the artist’s less recent works.
Squiggly face refused to realize that drinking three coffees, taking an adderall, and then intensely staring at his computer in Milstein for seven hours at night might cause permanent ocular trauma.
Rainbow squiggly face with teardrops. It’s interesting to watch the artist veer from traditional form through the mixing and layering of colors.
Squiggly face just registered that they missed a LionLez mixer to write their LesGay paper. They’re not happy about the way Barnumbia made them choose between a queer social life or queer degree.
Black squiggly face with red pupils. Spotting a squiggly face on a clear surface is a rare occurance.
Squiggly face woke up the next day still feeling the edible from Jack’s and has to take their discrete math test. They definitely aced their philosophy paper though.
Black squiggly face wedged behind mailbox. What a treat!
It seems squiggly face has spotted the friend who’s text (asking to study bio together) they still haven’t responded to in Butler and has ducked into the stacks. They don’t feel comfortable with the amount of… things they’re seeing in here.
Layered red and black squiggly with white pupils, may even be multimedium.
Squiggly face showed up to their seminar class and was befuddled upon finding out that their really old professor assigned reading on top of the paper due today. They’re desperately trying to think of an excuse that doesn’t reveal their poor time management/organizational skills.
Black and white squiggly face with teardrops. New usage of shading!
The fluorescent lighting of Morton Williams is the perfect backdrop for squiggly face’s 3 AM mental breakdown. They can easily go unnoticed in the entirely unintuitively placed milk section and then munch chocolate pretzels to feel better.
Two panel work of rainbow squiggly face with tear drops and then with gushing tear drops.
Squiggly face starts crying after realizing Diana isn’t open and then begins to sob upon realizing what that means: they’ll have to do their work alone in JJs on a Saturday night or not eat at all.
Multilayer white, black, red, and yellow. It appears the artist may have touched up on one of their older pieces with a bit more color.
Squiggly face is freaking out after realizing they haven’t read Bwog in two weeks. What if they’ve missed an incredible haiku or CWB?!??!!!
Black Squiggly Face. It is unclear whether the blue is intentionally added by the author or pre-existing, but it is part of the piece nonetheless.
Squiggly face is slightly comforted by their friend who told them college doesn’t matter, but also feels like that’s slightly patronizing to say.

Squiggly Face Mailbox via Sophie Askanase

All Squiggly Face Mood Photos via Sophie Askanase