Won’t find these in the bookstore but there’s no better way to show spirit.

They’re all around us—the items that are not collegiately branded, but seeing them will invariably remind you of Barnumbia. Whether on campus, in the classroom, or around the city, these are the subtle markers of a dancing bear or a prideful lion. 

Pieces of Clothing:

  • Converse that look like they were worn in battle (or maybe one of the frats).
  • Longchamp tote bags (the blue ones with the brown leather flap).
  • Headphones. 
    • Bonus if you never take them off.
  • Any sort of Taylor Swift merch.
  • Any kind of shoe with faux fur.
  • The Lululemon belt bags. 
  • UChicago sweatshirts.
  • Warby Parker glasses.
  • Grey Patagonia vests.
  • Neutral fit, fun socks.
  • Black concert t-shirts.
  • Book Culture t-shirts.
  • Grandpa sweaters.
  • Black turtlenecks.
  • Frocked socks. 
  • Chelsea boots.
  • Dr. Martens.
  • Claw clips.


  • Watered-down coffee from Liz’s place that’s carried around like an accessory. 
  • Checking yourself out in the mirrors by the elevators in Barnard hall.
  • Having a consulting firm bookmarked on your web browser.
  • Men in mesh tops (bonus points if they’re colorful).
  • Shaving your head during midterms/finals.
  • Wearing skirts in 30 degree weather.
  • Men poorly dying their hair blonde.
  • Having far too many pairs of shoes.
  • Bandanas worn without a braid.
  • Based men saying Barnumbia.
  • Tuesday morning dread.
  • Unmedicated ADHD.


  • LitHum/CC Books on the bookshelf after First/Second Year.
  • Salt Lamp (bonus points if STEM major).
  • White Morton Williams bags.
  • Pronoun pins from Lerner.
  • The New Yorker tote bags.
  • North Face backpacks. 
  • Any shoulder bag.
  • Free museum tickets.
  • L Train Vintage bag.
  • Wired headphones.
  • Book Culture totes.
  • Brita water bottles.
  • Crocheted bags.
  • Dried lavender.
  • Brown eyeliner.
  • Muji pens.
  • Retainers.
  • Tofu.

Places (and their things):

  • Ramen packs from H Mart (midterms were rough).
  • Any item from the Hungarian Pastry shop.
  • Having “a friend from NYU.”
  • Phebes.
    • And Carroll’s.
  • Henrietta Hudson’s.
  • Symposium.
  • Blue Bottle.
  • Joe Coffee.


  • Crying in your advisor’s office.
  • Therapist referral.
  • Trivia nights.


  • The half-back hairstyle.
  • Having nose piercings.
  • Being above 5’5”.
  • Being under 6’.


  • The ultimate frisbee team.
  • Vampire Weekend.
  • Maude Latour.


  • Lexapro.

Actual Columbia Swag via Bwarchives