In this terrible time of 30 degree weather, look forward to summer! Editor’s warning: mentions of gun violence

Happening in the World: Residents in southern Chinese metropolis Guangzhou have clashed with police after escaping a mandatory lockdown. For several nights, there have been individual incidents with COVID-19 prevention enforcement officials, but Monday night saw a mass act of defiance in the city. The riots are in response to China’s zero COVID-19 policy, which has been under immense strain in recent days. Workers in the city’s Haizhu District say that the food shortages and ever rising prices are impossible to live with, especially if they cannot go to work. These situations add to the poor economic figures in the country, and the country-wide rumor that testing companies are faking PCR tests to artificially boost the number of infections to make more money. (BBC)

Happening in the US: A 22-year-old student has been charged with fatally shooting three members of the University of Virginia’s football team and wounding two others. The students— Devin Chandler, Lavel Davis Jr. and D’Sean Perry—were returning from a class field trip when they were attacked. The attack led to a 12 hour campus-wide lockdown while authorities searched for the gunman. The students killed in the shooting are remembered by their coach as “incredible young men with huge aspirations and extremely bright futures,” and by their community as dedicated activists and academics. The gunman, Christopher Darnell Jones Jr., has been identified as a former football player who had a misdemeanor conviction from 2021 and was recently under investigation at the university for gun possession. Jones will be charged with three counts of second-degree murder and three counts of using a handgun in the commission of a felony. (NYT)

Happening in NYC: Educators from the Dominican Republic in the New York City school system have alleged that they have had most of their paychecks stolen by supervisors to cover inflated rent. The city has been working to improve bilingual education as a “cultural exchange” partnership with the Association of Dominican American Supervisors and Administrators and the Dominican consulate. The program would meet the diverse needs of New York City students, and ensure that migrant children and children with a native tongue other than English do not lose those language skills. However, hiring and finding bilingual educators has been a challenge for the city: New York only has one educator for every 47 students, for a total of 3,000 teachers as certified bilingual instructors. This paycheck theft is but one of many serious concerns about the efficacy and implementation of the current plan.(Gothamist)

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The White House via Wikimedia Commons