What do they taste like? Good question.

Bwog tasted their dreams:

  • Babysat in my dream Upper-West Side apartment, did nothing and made money, yay!
  • Went to a bar with “old people” (people in their 30s) and got drunk with them. Zeroed in on one of them and talked to them for two hours because they have my dream job.
  • Had my interest in water allocation politics validated by a journalist who focuses on water allocation politics.
  • Received a lot of pictures of beaches and tropical sunsets (my parents and brother are currently on vacation in the Virgin Islands without me).
  • Finally found the tiniest inkling of motivation to practice upright bass. Watch it disappear in a day.

Bwog saw (and tried to see) some animals:

  • Saw my dog <3.
    • Saw a dog on the LIRR <3.
  • Hung out with several delightful cats.
  • Met a dog who wore a cape.
  • Went to Riverside Park at night w the intention of seeing raccoons. Did not see any raccoons :(.
  • Met a baby donkey named Gio.

Bwog ate food to make themselves feel better:

  • Went to Hungarian to heal myself, twice.
  • Had some delicious spicy soup. It was healing.
  • Went to Tom’s Diner for the first time! 
  • Went to a silent, Gregorian Monk-Themed Bar in the East Village (Burp Castle), highly highly recommend.
    • Did not get shushed at the silent bar unlike some patrons!!
  • Went to a bottomless brunch at Amity, fell asleep for three hours afterward and literally did no work on Saturday.

Bwog displayed their above-average levels of studiousness:

  • Did a lot of work.
  • Wrote an essay in one sitting and felt very scholarly.
  • Wrote an essay in a few hours (DO NOT RECOMMEND).
  • Spent Saturday writing, reading, staring out the window, and projecting movies.
    • Literally did not see the light of day
  • Passed the mf swim test.
  • Did not do enough work. Oh God.

Bwog caught up with friends and family:

  • Went to a friend’s kickback in Brooklyn, haven’t seen said friend in a year and a half or so.
  • Convinced my mom to let me come home earlier because I cannot stand being here another minute lol.
  • Saw two of my siblings in the same room as each other for the first time ever.
  • Played NYC tour guide for my hometown friend.
  • Caught up with my Spanish teachers from high school. I would die for them.
  • Felt loved and supported by my dad. Shout out to my dad.
  • Reconnected with people I haven’t seen in a long time.

Dreamer via Bwarchives