Maya’s guide to getting through winter: five semi-sarcastic but also very valid tips for minimizing internal agony.

  1. Fetal position: A scientifically renowned sleeping position, I have found that this may be one of the best ways to get through those days you wish you would have stayed in the womb. Not only are you curled up for warmth, but fetal is an instinctive position for safety, providing you the comfort of the days when you didn’t know the harshness of reality. 
  2. Hot tea: Not only is tea cheap and easy to prepare, but it also comes in a variety of flavors to suit your every mood. Shown to calm anxiety, sipping tea gives you a chance to take a break and hydrate. The initial sip might burn your tongue, but worst case it will snap you back into reality, and every sip after that will be more and more soothing as your tea reaches the optimal hot-but-not-too-hot temperature. 
  3. Burrito: To become a burrito is a three-step process. You begin by spreading out a blanket and then lying down and thoroughly wrapping it around you. The burrito is now a cocoon of safety, a warm hug to shelter you while you work through the frigid weather and your seasonal mood changes. 
  4. Flat on floor: Face down on floor. Nothing can hurt you this way. 
  5. Give yourself breaks: Balancing your social, emotional, and academic life in college can be super chaotic, especially when the weather is bad. Take breaks every once in a while to breathe. This doesn’t have to be a big thing, maybe just do a crossword, call a friend, or find some other brief activity to distract yourself from your stressors.

Snowy Campus via Bwog Archives