Embody your inner Manhattanite-septuagenarian with these fashion insiders for the Fall season.

No, the most stylish people in Morningside Heights aren’t the baddies in your Barnard class or the Columbia students unable to peel off their Canada Goose jackets or your favorite professor in the English Department—it’s the old men of Riverside Park. They’ve mastered the art of dressing up while escaping the prosaic constraints of corporate attire by adding jazzy notes to their leisurewear. Whether you may find them sitting on a bench reading a book and eating a bagel or simply meandering through the crumpled leaves, chances are their outfit will be better than yours. Follow along for the fashion tips based on the gentlemen you’ll likely come across while paying a visit to our neighborhood park.

Earth Tones, Always:

Green, brown, taupe, cream, black, white—maybe a few shades of orange or red if you’re feeling crazy—are your best friends. The softness and comfort these colors emit epitomize the love and warmth of a doting grandpa, and who doesn’t want to give off doting grandpa vibes? The neutral bases that these colors offer are also great building blocks for your wardrobe. You can never go wrong with a nice brown leather jacket or wool coat. Cream, brown, and black offer great shades for pants. Corduroy pants especially are amazing additions that not only keep you warm, but make you look effortlessly snazzy. If you really want to dress like an old man, throw on a pair of khakis. 

The Grandpa Sweater:

A staple in the fall wardrobe. If you’re an avid thrifter like myself, there’s no way you don’t have at least a couple of these sprinkled in your closet already. Not only are these sweaters undeniably comfortable, but they’re full of spirit. Whenever I slip one of these on, I’m no longer a 19-year-old girl but a 78-year-old man named Marty who lives in a pre-war, rent-controlled apartment and has pockets brimming with those strawberry-suckers. You know the ones I’m talking about. 

You Can Never Go Wrong With A Vest:

Vests are pure sex appeal. There’s no denying it. Do you know who wore sweater vests before they were rebranded as “cool” or “trendy?” I’ll tell you: grandpas. No longer associated with the geriatric elements of clothing, vests have grown into staple pieces that are particularly useful for layering. Spice up your turtleneck by adding an argyle knit or brown leather vest on top this fall season.

Live, Love, Loafers:

Throw away all your sneakers and boots. Don’t actually. But if you haven’t already, consider elevating your outfit with a pair of black loafers, whether they’re chunky or flat! You don’t have to have a retirement plan or a few adorable grandchildren to rock a pair of these shoes. These loafers were made for walking!

Image via Bwog Staffer