Miss The 1975 Concert Last Monday? Don’t Worry, Matty Healy Is All Around You. Here are five kids on campus that (probably unintentionally) channel Matty Healy in their everyday lives.

  1. At his concert at Madison Square Garden, Matty Healy exclaimed “the audience deserves to see more of me!” as he changed into an unbuttoned white shirt. This attitude is the exact parallel of that football player sitting next to you in class. His shirt sleeves being cut off are not his deep-rooted hubris, but rather his belief that his guns just must be shared with the world. 
  2. Smoking and drinking on the low steps, your peers are simply mirroring Matty Healy as he takes a hit and swig from his flask on stage. It is not alcoholism or the breaking point caused by the excessive stress of being a student at Columbia, it is an artistic choice. 
  3. If you have been paying attention to his antics lately, you may know Matty Healy ate raw meat on stage for apparently no reason. Some say this was a critique on toxic masculinity, others believe it was just typical Healy nonsense. Either way, we all embody him gnawing on a raw steak when we attend Hewitt and venture to try their chicken, finding it semi-raw as always. 
  4. Healy yells, in very metaphorical terms, about his political beliefs. Most notably, his song, “Love it if we made it” was written as a lyrical protest on topics ranging from Donald Trump to the dumpster fire that is modernity. In this way, Matty is no different than our local poli sci majors, turning anything and everything political, loudly blasting their views as they critique the world around them. 
  5. Public displays of affection, or PDA, if you will, is the last and very prominent thread between Matty Healy and the students who populate the Columbia campus. Although Matty Healy prefers to show love to himself, as has been consistently displayed in his odd couch scene from the new tour, Columbia students love to publicly flaunt their relationships. From the couples making out on the benches near Butler lawn to those holding hands as they walk to class (or the couple making out in Milstein…we see you please stop), so many lions have embodied a shamelessness in their sexuality that is nearly Healy-esque.

MSG Set via Maya Reisner