Need some variation in your sad little boring Christmas playlist with the same songs every year? We’ve got you.

I will absolutely die on this hill. Christmas-specific music is to be listened to after Thanksgiving, and until December 26th at 12:00 am. And when it’s finally time to listen to Christmas music, it’s all the same as last year, maybe with one new holiday album featuring versions of, you guessed it, the same damn songs (that isn’t to say that all new holiday albums are bad, but many leave much to be desired). Sure, the classics are classics for a reason. But re-listening to nothing but the tunes every year at the same time gets old.

Of course, this playlist contains some classic songs, but different (dare I say better) recordings of them, for a little bit of variety. But you won’t hear any “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” (yikes… those lyrics did not age well) nor “All I Want for Christmas Is You” (holy mother of god why does she have to make a new version every year). Joni Mitchell appears in spirit as always (once again, fuck you, Joe Rogan). Some songs on here are not specifically Christmas-oriented, but they fit the theme well enough—all about vibes.

Nostalgia via Bwarchives