Anyone who knows pie knows that apple pie is the elite pie.

As a child of immigrants and human whose “mother taught them well”, I firmly believe that you must always bring something when invited to a meal or other event. While most celebrations have less strict ideas about what is eaten at the feast, Thanksgiving is the main pie day, second only to Pi day on March 14. While you could bring a mushy pumpkin pie, a too-tart cherry pie, or any other weird variety, there is only one pie that you should bring to show your culinary sophistication-apple.

Not only is apple pie amazingly delicious, but it is also relatively easy to make. Feel free to buy a pre-made crust to speed up the prep, it tastes just as good and no one will notice. Furthermore, there are millions of apple pie recipes on the internet, meaning there is an everlasting variety. You never have to make the same apple pie twice! If my short appeal has inspired you to make an apple pie, Bwog has you covered. Check out our recipe!

If I haven’t convinced you yet, just close your eyes and imagine pulling the hot, fresh apple pie out of the oven. The smell of cinnamon and nutmeg wafts around your kitchen. Your mouth waters as you wait for it to properly cool. The anticipation builds as you realize you can’t cut into it until after Thanksgiving dinner. Apple pie is the elite pie, and I, as a knower of that fact, will be baking an excessive amount of them this fall season. Please feel free to join me.

Maya’s First Apple Pie Of The Season via Maya’s Camera Roll