Saturday Daily Elijah Knodell reviews Butler Library’s newest “special collection.”

In that moment, you and I became one,

Butler Library,

When you pooped on me.

I was not expecting this,

Not one bit. 

I never imagined

That the roles would reverse.

I thought I would only ever poop in you,

Not you on me.

I never imagined,

When I entered your restroom

That I would be wading

Into your murky depths:

A marsh of rejected excrement

That you could not handle.

There I stood

Inches deep, socks soaked

With stool-water,

Which was gushing from

Your stall.

I do not know whose shit this was,

But I like to think it was yours,

Butler Library.

May we now be bonded,

Forever, united through

The mutual reciprocity

Of our poop.

Butler, Poop, and Toilet via Wikimedia Commons