They’re certainly one of the roommates of all time.

Living with another person can be challenging. Earlier this semester, my former roommate moved out and Columbia told me I’d soon learn if someone would move in. Once they left, the anticipation set in. When would this new roommate move in? What would they be like? Would they be messy? Would we get along? Would they make me wish I never wanted a roommate? Would we be besties? Columbia Housing was quick to answer all of these questions by filling the vacant double within a few days, and to my very pleasant surprise, my new roommate is wonderful. Yet at the same time, they have some very…particular habits.

Firstly, when they were moving in they barely brought anything with them—just shoes and a coat. No sheets, no toiletries, no laptop, no bedding. Just the barest of necessities. I suppose this is nice, as it means they’re very tidy. We haven’t had a single dispute over space usage because they barely own anything. They’ve even let me use some of their desk space from time to time when necessary, and all of the space in the fridge is mine. It doesn’t look like they’ve changed clothes since they moved in, but perhaps they’re just really efficient with their laundry—the jury’s still out on that one.

They’re pretty quiet unless prompted, but when you get them going you can have a really spirited conversation, even if it feels like it’s always you that has to engage them in it. I mean, they do kind of just repeat everything you say just with different phrasing, but an echo chamber never hurt anyone or started anything negative. When we were writing up our new roommate agreement they were exceptionally cooperative—I got to decide on most of the terms. We agreed on us both being allowed to bring people over, yet they haven’t invited any guests. Whenever I have someone over, my roommate’s always there but, they never pay too much attention and it’s nice that they’ve gotten to meet all my friends. Regardless, the silence is often comforting, especially while sleeping.

I rarely ever see them leave the room, or even move about it on their own. There are times when they simply lie immobile on their side and I have to help them stand upright, only for them to return to the state I found them in moments after I let them go. When I help them up, their joints seem so incredibly stiff. 

Sometimes I do grow a little concerned for them. They own no belongings, make no noises or move, and I never see them outside of the room. But you know what? Maybe that’s none of my business. Sometimes I think it must be cultural differences that I have yet to understand. Regardless, I think that despite their strange habits we get along quite well. If all goes well this next semester I can definitely see myself rooming with them again.

My roommate in all their glory.

Room via Bwarchives

Roommate via Bwog Staff