Genuinely, name one thing more important to judge a library on. I’ll wait.

A specter is haunting Columbia. A frightening number of bathroom stalls are unreasonably short (looking at you especially, Hamilton). I was first made aware of this issue by the third-floor bathroom stalls in Butler, which begs the question, how do the other library bathrooms hold up with their stall height?

All photos were taken at eye-level.

6. Butler Library
The stall that started it all. For such a frequented bathroom, one would think it’d be higher so as to not strike fear into the hearts of those that dare to defecate. However, it appears that the designer of this bathroom was clearly trying to maximize the human suffering that regularly occurs in Butler.

5. Uris/Business & Economics Library
These were only marginally better than Butler, having slightly higher stall walls and being a further distance from the mirror. However, the sheer amount of stalls next to each other, combined with the gaps between doors and stalls were nearly enough to negate the increased height entirely.

4. Avery
Not only is the trek long and arduous to find the bathroom, but the stall height is subpar. There’s at least the saving grace that the bathroom only has one stall.

3. NoCo/Science & Engineering Library
Despite the sheer amount of stress that I experienced vicariously through those studying in the library, even though it’s only the second week of the semester, their bathrooms were fine. Would I like the stall walls to be taller? Sure. Can I get everything I want? Unfortunately not.

2. Mathematics Library
To my very pleasant surprise, I was only barely able to see over the stall and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I guess it makes sense that the math building of all buildings would have appropriately tall bathroom stalls. The doors and walls were also very long and low to the ground, so in theory, they could be raised a tad bit higher without leaving too much space underneath, which would also make inter-stall emotional support hand-holding that much easier.

1. Kent/East Asian Library
What a godsend. The height alone makes walking up the two steep flights of stairs worth it. When I tell you I gasped audibly, I mean it entirely. This is yet another reason to study in this beautiful, wonderful building. I truly cannot sing the praises of this bathroom enough—you simply must experience it for yourself to know.

Cover image via Bwarchives

Library bathrooms via Author.