Is it just me or is Shopping Week more stressful this semester?

Shopping Week: the semester intro from hell. We’re all stuck in waitlist purgatory, trying to see if those CULPA reviews hold true, and running back and forth between five different buildings before realizing you’re taking too many credits. Professors are annoyed that they’ve gotten so many emails from people begging to be let into the class. People are sitting on the floor in their teeny tiny classrooms that are absolutely not meant to accommodate 70 people. Nobody has the textbook (except for the one person who pirated it). Oh, and it’s raining. Just to add to the chaos.

Bwog, too, has been struggling with Shopping Week, so we’ve decided to compile our most chaotic and relatable moments for you, dear reader, to lift your spirits!

  • A classic: Class from 10 am to 5:30 pm
  • Professor stopped lecturing when BCIT came in, asked her if she could fix the Zoom camera outside. When BCIT came back in, the professor stopped talking, stared at BCIT, very rudely asked if they were done yet.
  • I want to take a film class. My professor emailed me like two weeks ago and told me I was accepted into the course. But she’s like 200 years old so doesn’t know how to use courseworks so didn’t actually let me in the course. So I talked to her after our first class (last Wednesday) and she said she’d tell her assistant to let me into the course. and I’m still not in???????
  • Doing six classes worth of homework to keep your options open.
  • Dropping a class while sitting in it just mere feet away from the teacher and then promptly leaving mid-lecture.
  • For our STEM friends: In Organic Chemistry, the professor ripped open his jacket to reveal the Scottish flag on his shirt, pulled out a fake ham, played bagpipe music, and recited Scottish poetry. SCOTLAND!!!!!
  • I was personally denied admittance to a class that had room. Felt good.
  • I have prayed to the registration gods to please let me into the True Crime class because oh my god. On the first day we listened to a podcast. Columbia giving me 4 credits for something that I already do? Gold.
  • Waiting for Italian class. Emailed professor. While waiting for professor to respond, redid my entire schedule. Professor responded telling me the room. Skipped the other section I registered for to go to class in this new room. Day comes around. Classroom doesn’t exist. Check directory of classes and go to a room Professor should be in. Room is empty. Classmate in a different course also says class is not for Italian level I need. Go to class I am registered for the next day. Class is scary. Above my skill. Also social dynamics are already set in stone. Return to my early morning class. It was nice, despite being too early. 
  • “We will discuss penetrative sex further next time”, said by my FYW professor.
  • Went to a discussion section after the professor said we would be starting them the second week of class. Now, this is a 15 person class. Four of us show up, not including the TA, and after eight minutes of sitting around, someone asks, “Are we in the right room?” I answer, “Yeah, definitely, but I don’t know where the TA is.” She then tells me she thought I was the TA.
  • The waitlist for one of my classes is gone and the professor is manually inputting everyone’s UNIs.
  • I think the most unhinged thing about my shopping week is how un-unhinged it always is. Never have been on a waitlist… Never have been denied… Environmental Bio privilege.

Waitlist Hell via Bwog Archives