Bwoggers connected with friends new and old making the most of the frigid NYC temperatures.

Bwog Partied:

  • Hosted a little party on Friday night and it was lovely
  • Went to a very nerdy party. Highlights: “Pepas” coming on and not a single person batting an eye; heavily themed but very weak drinks; a lot of energy for rage cage and none for pong; a plank contest
  • Got drunk at my friends 21st birthday party
  • Went to happy hour and got so silly after one glass of wine
  • Broke someone’s flowerpot at a frat party, felt terrible

Bwog (Re)Connected:

  • Talked a lot on the phone with my mom
  • Gossiped at length, about a number of subjects
  • Schemed with friends
  • Joined a cult, got some cool shirts
  • Chit-chatted with my friends in Milstein maybe a little too loud <3
  • Reconnected with an old friend of mine via phone call and realized how much keeping in touch with past relationships
  • Was introduced to my friend’s friend who (1) wore an ushanka inside (2) wants to be a roller coaster engineer (3) has written a book about roller coasters even though she is my age???? (4) pirated said book (her own book) and (5) would randomly start speaking Russian out of nowhere. I have never met anybody like her but she was so so cool

Bwog did cool things!

  • Went to the SNL dress rehearsal! Was the highlight of my year!
  • Went to Snock for the first time! Saw other Bwoggers there. Felt underdressed
  • Went to the women’s basketball game (with many other bwoggers) at Dodge and felt school spirit for the first time.
  • Went to Brooklyn with my roommate to watch her get a tattoo!!!!
  • Saw BTE’s A Raisin in the Sun!
  • Went to Quimby’s bookstore (highly recommend it)
  • Walked all the way to the east side for Indian food for my friend’s birthday
  • Watched the Grammys #justiceforbeyonce.

Bwog experienced winter:

  • Clocked myself in the face with a chunk of ice. Oops
  • Drank so much hot chocolate
  • Climbed some frozen waterfalls
  • I hid from the weather on Friday and stayed in and rewatched New Girl for the 5th time
  • Did the throwing boiling water thing. It froze!
  • Went to New Hampshire where it was cold (like -45 with wind chill)
  • Went skiing
  • Was reminded of the Chicago winters that I am allegedly used to

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