February, man.

With the glow of the new semester wearing off and the excitement of holidays and Winter Break now in the distant past, we are confronted with the month of February. With the promise of warmth and consistent sunlight a mere shadow of the future, February is objectively the worst. Midterms have somehow already begun and not even all the vitamin d supplements in the world could make up for just how long we’ve endured a bitter, cold, and notably boring winter.

It’s miserable and we know. But even in this bleak hour, we’ve been finding things that bring us joy.

Food of February

  • There’s been a lot of good theme nights at the dining hall this semester! Special mention to the Creole shrimp bowl at Ferris last Thursday!
  • Barnard’s new Sushi and Bubble Tea dining spot has opened up and the reviews are good.
  • Girl Scout Cookie Season is here! Find your local troop, support, and enjoy.
  • For those out there sick of everything being peppermint flavored, the holiday-flavor days are behind us.
  • Outdoor seating returns to Wu + Nuss! Eat xiao long bao and people-watch comfortably.
  • Now that Valentine’s Day is over, relish in the steeply discounted Duane Reade chocolate.

Forecasts of February

  • The steps are becoming sittable again!!
  • There is a steady increase in Captain Bayonne sitings.
  • The days are getting longer! It’s no longer (as) dark when you leave your 4:10.
  • You can have your windows open more often now! Yay for fresh air!
  • Riverside is defrosting, so more people are out and about in the park walking dogs, sitting on benches, skateboarding, etc.

Festivities of February

  • Housing selection is coming up! You can start daydreaming and planning about where you want to live next year!
  • We aren’t quite at midterms yet…
  • Soon it will be Pisces Season <3
  • It’s now an acceptable time to give up on your New Year’s resolution (if you haven’t already). Sweet relief!! Return to your average ways, we accept you.
  • Groundhog Day happened and that’s always a hoot. It doesn’t even matter what Phil sees, it’s just wonderful that so many people care…

Foliage of February

  • The daffodils are starting to sprout next to Low.
  • The cherry blossoms on 96th are coming soon!!!

Fits of February

  • With warmer weather approaching, you won’t have to bring that huge bulky coat everywhere you go.
  • Now you get to wear your favorite spring jacket!
  • Is it skirt season? Yes? Always? We’re declaring it skirt season.

Low In The Sun via Bwog Staff