This week, Barnard SGA asks questions about Access Barnard and ISS and learns more about what they do.

This week, I went to SGA on Zoom again. I needed to. Please just trust me on that. I was lying in my bed and was ready to listen to this week’s meeting.

For this week’s external announcements:

  • Voting and running for the next round of SGA is coming soon and information sessions are next week.
  • Nominate peers, deans, and other leaders for the student leadership awards.
  • Sulz tower is hosting a Black Liberation seder.
  • Today there will be the distribution of laundry sheet samples. Make sure to fill out a survey with the QR code attached.
  • Check your inbox to sign up with Pizza with Provost.
  • The senior boat cruise is on April 27 and tickets are dropping today.
  • Barnard dining will have kosher meals for Passover.
  • You can now get unlimited toppings on your burrito bowl! How exciting!
  • Sign up for a transfer student focus group.
  • Read the SGA newsletter!

Now let’s move on to Access Barnard and ISS’s presentation. Katie Hyon, Executive Director of Access Barnard, Jemima Gedeon, Associate Dean of Studies for Student Success, Valerie Monaco, Director of International Student Services, and Elida Martinez-Gaynor, Director of Opportunity Programs, all came and chatted with SGA about what they do and their goals for this year.

Access Barnard gave an overview of what they do as an organization. 

Access Barnard supports students who identify as international, first-generation, or low-income by aiding in their transition to and through the Barnard experience. They focus on celebrating identities, offering a community of support, and holistic development. Access Barnard serves around ⅓ of the student population. They are located at Milbank 111 (student lounge), Milbank 114 (offices), and Milbank 119 (Annex office). 

One of the main things Access Barnard does is aid students in their summer transitions. They have a multiweek approach to introduce people to the academic culture.

  • Inaugural AB Summer Transition Series: The first contact with students that continues throughout the summer prior to arrival through planned digital publications, social media engagements, emails, and Zoom sessions.
  • Opportunity Programs: Academic 2-week program from August 7-21, 2023.
  • Navigating Barnard Week: all FLI, international students, and OP students from August 21-26, 2023, and leads directly to NSOP with Big Sib and Inaugural AB induction ceremony.
  • Summer Student Leaders: A combination of peer tutors, writing fellows, peer academic advisors, and global ambassadors.

Some of Access Barnard’s offerings:

  • Navigating Barnard workshop series
  • Access Barnard Lending Library
  • Specialized Advising
  • Peer academic advisors 
  • Peer Mentoring Program
  • Supplemental Academic Support Application (SASA)

What Access Barnard was working on this year:

  • One World Membership (ISS)
  • Mixers with faculty, admin, and alumnae
  • Sprintax (a free tax filing preparation service for international students)
  • Non-native speakers roundtable
  • Surveys with Seniors and First Year FLI

What Access Barnard has in store for the future:

  • Re-establishing the AB student Advisory board
  • New staffing
  • Morning huddles during the Navigating Barnard week for closer touchpoints between pro-staff and new students as they transition on campus
  • One-on-one check-ins with all incoming AB new students for the first two months

Q&A Portion:

What is the Timeline of SASA Applications and when is an answer meant to be delivered?

  • SASA has grown exponentially since its creation.
  • Close to $60,000 were awarded for distribution last semester and they have already given our awards for almost $30,000 this semester.
  • Try not to get anyone waiting for a week but the regular turnaround time is around 3 days.

Does the amount of money you have affect your SASA applications?

  • They do not evaluate for financial needs.
  • If funds are dwindling it doesn’t affect applications that much.
  • They prioritize academic support.

Are you thinking about expanding the categories that SASA provides?

  • They are trying to expand for grocery requests.
  • There are a lot more efforts made towards advising people with meal plans and when to eat in dining halls.

What are the current resources that Access Barnard has for undocumented students?

  • They don’t know undocumented students versus general body students.
  • They don’t do anything specific for undocumented students because it is not one of their population areas.

That is all for this week. Thanks for tuning in again!

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