Avoid this bwoglines if you’re prone to seasickness! I warned you! Editor’s Note: Mentions of drug use and overdose.

Happening in the World: After ten years of negotiation, a historic agreement has been made regarding ocean protection. The UN Ambassador for Oceans brought down the gavel on the High Seas Treaty on Saturday afternoon. It aims to place 30% of the seas into protected areas by 2030, to safeguard and help recuperate marine life affected by climate change and harmful drilling and fishing practices. The last international convention on ocean protection was the UN Convention on the Laws of the Sea–signed 40 years ago. This agreement marks a commendable step forward for ocean conservation, but will take time to reach effect, as countries must individually ratify it. (BBC

Happening in the US: Self-Help author Marianne Williamson is the first Democrat to officially challenge President Joe Biden for the 2024 nomination. Williamson, whose presidential campaign in 2020 was centered around self-help and spirituality, spoke to a crowd of around 600 at her kickoff event on Saturday. In 2020, she was best known for her initiative to create a ‘Department of Peace’ and for arguing that the federal government should pay large reparations to Black Americans. In 2024, she will likely represent little more than token opposition, as the Democratic base still appears firmly behind Biden. (Politico

Happening in NYC: On Thursday, Mayor Adams announced the new “Care, Community, Action” initiative, which seeks to reduce overdose deaths in New York City by 15% by 2025. This plan comes at a time when overdose death rates have reached a record high, primarily due to the increased presence of fentanyl, a dangerous synthetic opioid. Though finer details on funding and implementation have yet to be released, the initiative will center around harm reduction and expanding existing programs, such as syringe exchange programs and access to other social services. (Gothamist

Happening in Our Community: The Human Rights Working Group is partnered with Spectrum and the Institute of Latin American Studies to present a panel on Transgender Rights Around the World. In the International Affairs building on Monday from 1 to 2 pm, three prominent human rights activists from the Human Rights Association Program at the Columbia University Institute for the Study of Human rights will present on the status of global human rights and their work on behalf of transgender people in Brazil, South Africa, and Ethiopia. ​​

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