Not just for the Matildas and Hermione Grangers of the world!

Happening in the World: Colombian President Gustavo Petro, recently announced that the ceasefire with drug trafficking group, the Gulf Clan, has been suspended. Despite his previous hope to end all armed hostilities in Colombia, President Petro claimed that the Gulf Clan had broken the prior ceasefire agreement and had been shooting at Colombian police forces. Henry Sanabria, the head of the country’s national police, has also announced that many police troops have been sent to areas where the Gulf Clan has been particularly active.(BBC)

Happening in the US: On Monday a jury in Florida found three men guilty of killing XXXTentacion. The rapper was shot in southern Florida in 2018 outside of a motorcycle shop. The three men were convicted of first-degree murder. Their sentencing is currently set for April 6. (AP)

Happening in NYC: Many supporters of New York City’s public libraries protested the proposed 42 million dollar budget cut. This budget cut would cost the libraries 9% of their annual budget. The CEO of New York Public Library, Tony Marx, revealed that this loss of funds may result in layoffs, shortened hours for remaining employees, and the city losing individual library branches. Protesters held a variety of signs, some reminding onlookers that libraries are for everyone. (Gothamist)

Happening in Our Community: The Columbia Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia Climate School, Columbia Global, and Columbia School of the Arts are hosting a screening of Apple TV+’s new “Extrapolations” series. Watch clips from the upcoming show and then participate in a Q&A with the creator as well as Michael Gandolfini and Craig Finn. Join them in Lerner Hall this afternoon. Read more about it here!

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