The instrument, not the anatomical structure. Editor’s Note: Mentions of violence and death.

Happening in the World: Following the devastating fire of 2019, the city of Paris has been working to repair the Notre Dame Cathedral. French officials recently announced that they intend to open up the repaired Notre Dame by the end of 2024. General Jean-Louis Georgelin revealed that the cathedral’s historic spire will be reattached to Notre Dame later this year. Although the cathedral is not currently open to visitors, there is a free exhibit called  “Notre-Dame de Paris: at the heart of the construction site” dedicated to informing the public about the work going into this monumental restoration. (ABC)

Happening in the US: Two have died and many more were injured after a violent stampede broke out at a GloRilla concert in Rochester, New York. Following the performance, an unknown occurrence caused a panic which resulted in the crowd rushing toward the exits. Local police are investigating the concert venue to see if all of the safety codes were being followed as well as the source of the original hysteria. (AP)

Happening in NYC: Mayor Adams recently signed two new pieces of legislation. One of these items expands the definitions surrounding domestic violence hereby allowing economic abuse to fall under the umbrella of domestic abuse. Another piece of legislation includes the eventual phasing out of fuel oil No. 4. Mayor Adams revealed that low-income communities are often unfairly impacted by poor environmental regulations and this bill is an attempt to ratify that inequality. (NYC)

Happening in Our Community: Do you have an hour to take a break from midterms and just enjoy some beautiful music? Award winning musician Julian Bennett Holmes will be performing an organ meditation today from 3 to 4 pm at St. Paul’s Chapel. If you’re at all interested in attending this event, you can find more information here!

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