Move over, tennis. You have a newer and more boring cousin. Editor’s note: mentions of death and natural disaster.

Happening in the World: Roxham Road, a longtime passageway between the US and Canada for thousands of migrants, closed on Saturday. While Canada has long had a reputation for being more welcoming to migrants than many other Western nations, this shift is the result of longtime pressure faced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to implement stricter border policies. Rather than being accepted as Asylum seekers in Canada, migrants will now be turned back to the US. (NYT

Happening in the US: A tornado tore through Mississippi and Alabama just after sundown on Friday night, killing 26 citizens and injuring more. The Mississippi state government has commenced search and rescue efforts and declared a state of emergency, while President Biden announced that representatives of the Federal Emergency Management Agency are deployed in the area. The storm has caused intense damage in the Mississippi Delta area, particularly the town of Rolling Fork, Mississippi, while also knocking out power for hundreds of thousands of customers across the Midwest and the Northeast. (CBS)

Happening in NYC: CityPickle, the first indoor pickleball club in New York City, announced on Thursday that they’ll install pickleball courts in Central Park’s Wollman Rink from April 7 to October 9. Billed as the largest pickleball installation in the Northeast, the spread will include 14 courts, each accommodating four to eight people. Community programming will include lessons, clinics, open plays, and tournaments. (Gothamist

Happening in our Community: The Columbia Climate Imaginations Network is hosting the Good Energy Project this Monday for a workshop on creative climate storytelling. Join from 12 to 2 pm online or in Fayerweather Hall to learn about building climate change into storytelling projects and to participate in a mock writers’ room. 

Pickleball champions via Wikimedia Commons