Find out what Bwoggers have been up to in this friendly edition of Field Notes!

Bwog (re)connected with friends:

  • Went to Long Island to see my best friend who spontaneously came home for the weekend. Was fussed over extensively by her mother which was cute.
  • Spent two days with basically the mirror image of myself and was happy to be understood.
  • My friend from home surprised visited me, it made my year.
  • Made friends.
  • Had coffee with my lovely little.
  • Went shopping and had a nice dinner with my best friend! Love these moments.
  • Met my online friend IRL for the first time!
  • Had dinner with my lovely Bwog lineage.
  • Celebrated the grad school acceptances for so many of my friends!!!! They are all amazing and I love them!!!!
  • Crushed my friends at shuffleboard.
  • Spent 4 hours gossiping with my best friend on facetime.

Bwog went to concerts:

  • Somehow managed to get tickets to Omar Apollo’s “secret” NYC concert.
  • Saw Big Thief at Radio City Music Hall!
  • Saw Big Thief AND Weyes Blood back to back.
  • Saw Weyes Blood at Brooklyn Steel! 
  • Went to the SZA concert and absolutely lost my mind.
  • Saw my friend’s sister perform on the harp with the New York Philharmonic.

Bwog was overwhelmed with schoolwork:

  • Studied for the THREE midterms I have this week, two of which are back-to-back.
  • Spent a whole day in Butler.
  • Got a thrilling amount of work done.
  • Currently: so swamped with work to the point I’m not sure where to start.
  • Had two essays, several internship apps, and a test on Friday. Died.
  • Stressed about so! many! things! but was happy that spring break is almost here.

Bwog cheered on the newest Ivy League champs:

  • Was so stressed at the women’s basketball game!!
    • Was then so excited after the women’s basketball game!!!
  • Went to the Women’s Basketball game and was stressed the entire time and I don’t even consider myself a sportsperson.
  • Suffered in the name of basketball.
  • Supported Women’s Basketball #Champs.

Header via Wikimedia Commons