Bwog caught a glimpse of summer and was (for the most part) able to relax this spring break!

Bwog left the city behind:

  • Went to many museums in Boston.
  • Froze my ass off in Ann Arbor.
  • Visited my friend in Montreal.
  • Went back home to Texas.
  • Went to California.
  • Fought for my life at the Miami International Airport.

Bwog enjoyed non-dining hall food for an entire week:

  • Ate at the new Ban Ban Shop twice.
  • Ate at a fantastic bao place that had the Pixar short Bao playing on a loop.
  • Ate SO MANY sardines.
  • Ate way too many breakfast tacos in one sitting.
  • Ate so much Pho.
  • Ingested lots of coffee.
  • Ate a lot of really good seafood.
  • Realized how much I missed my mom’s cooking.

Bwog also couldn’t seem to catch a break:

  • Started and finished a stats project that was due the Monday after the break.
  • Wrote an essay.
  • Stressed about my future.
  • Wrote two papers while on vacation.
  • Applied to many internships.
  • Questioned my life choices.
  • Contemplated changing my major.
  • Studied for more midterms.

Overall, Bwog made the most out of their spring break:

  • Went to The Woods and had the time of my life.
  • Went to a local hot spring. It was hot!
  • Made a lot of really cool friends
  • Saw my hometown friends.
  • Did NYC touristy stuff with my family.
  • Watched gender be performed at a bar full of bikini-clad spring breakers.
  • Went to one of those huge spring break beach parties and froze my ass off.
  • Went uphill skiing (which is much like regular skiing, except you put skins on your skis and walk up the mountain instead of down it).
  • Jammed out in a van to lots of cool music.

Tulips via Pixabay