The time to choose the coveted 4-person suite has arrived.

Welcome to Day 1 of the Housing Lottery Roundup! As usual, the Barnard 4-person lottery was a bloodbath, with 88 groups vying for 46 suites. Lottery numbers 1 to 31 were seniors, 32 to 39 were junior plus, 40 to 66 were juniors, a lone sophomore plus group with number 67, and 68 to 88 were rising sophomores. 

What’s gone: 

Everything. Of course. Surprisingly, seniors did not consistently pick singles, and we saw a pretty good mix of singles and doubles picked. Also surprisingly, many seniors did not select a room, with nine out of the 31 senior groups choosing to wait for another lottery.  All 121, CG, and 620 suites with four singles, however, were taken by seniors by lottery number 37. Only three junior plus groups chose suites, while 12 juniors did not choose suites. Six sophomore groups got suites of two doubles in 110th. 

TLDR: Seniors got the singles, and 42 out of 88 did not choose/get a suite. Pretty typical 4-person lottery. 

Looking ahead: 

The 5-person lottery is from 9am-5pm Friday, March 24. Rearrange, register, and do all the lovely administrative things by the deadline to form 5-person groups, 10am, Thursday, March 23. The 5-person lottery has 32 available spaces: 12 suites with five singles, 15 suites with three singles and a double, and five suites with one single and two doubles. 5-person groups can choose from 121, 600, 616, 620, CG, and a singular 110th suite. Best of luck!

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