The absolute DRAMA of the 6-person lottery. 

Welcome to Day 3 of the Barnard Housing Lottery! The 6-person Barnard lottery, where rising sophomores get their singles in Plimpton, the people who choose the F suite line in 600 realize they’re completely shafted, and the one rising senior group gets the cream of the crop. There was quite a slip-up on ResLife’s part today: they listed one 11B suite in 600 as unselected for a majority of the lottery, despite the suite being very much unavailable on the portal.  We love Barnard Housing! 

This year’s 6-person lottery had 75 suites for 103 groups, just slightly up from last year. There was only one group of rising seniors today, four rising junior plus groups, 18 rising junior groups, nine rising sophomore plus groups, and a whopping 71 rising sophomore groups. 

What’s gone: 

Everything. Of course. First-pick seniors went with the only CG suite with six singles, and there were a surprising number of junior plus and junior groups that chose suites with three doubles. The suites with only doubles (600, 110) were very popular this year, and the last suite with a single was taken by the third to last lottery spot. 

Looking ahead

The 6-person lottery is completely based on luck, and rising sophomores had a 50/50 chance. Don’t fret if you didn’t get a suite! Coming up, we have the 123 lottery on April 3, 4, 5, 10, and 11. Form your groups by 10 am on Friday March 11, and you, too, can try to get into 376 rooms for approximately 619 people who still need housing. But do not fear the guaranteed list! You will get housing! You got this! (But literally Barnard what the fuck.)

110th in honor of the last person to choose in the lottery via Bwog Archives